The Right Dosage of CBD for Diabetes

The Right Dosage of CBD for Diabetes

Cannabis is known as a medical remedy for some ailments. The plant features hundreds of cannabinoids which work differently in the body and help with various diseases. One of these cannabinoids is cannabidiol or CBD. This compound has been used as a treatment for some conditions and has shown great potential. Although the FDA has not approved it as a medical drug, cannabidiol has gone through multiple tests. The results of these test affirm that CBD is useful. Some of these tests showed that it is a great remedy for diabetes. This compound is great for diabetes, especially because it is a non-psychoactive compound which means it induces no high.

Can CBD help with diabetes?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent remedy for diabetes. Several tests have been done to find out if CBD can help with diabetes. An analysis done on mice showed that the incidence of diabetes reduced significantly. The untreated mice had an incidence of 86%, and when treated, the incidence reduced to 30%. Results uncovered that CBD could delay or inhibit destructive insulitis and inflammation. Therefore, this minimizes the incidence of diabetes through a mechanism that modulates the immune system.

How Does it Work?

CBD creates precursor cells that are endogenous in the pancreases to give rise to an increased level of beta-cell volume and mass in the early stages of diabetes type 1. Thus, maintaining blood sugar levels are normal. This compound reduces the need for insulin in diabetes type 1 by 58%. It can so reverse type 2 diabetes by causing a breakdown of lipids and glucose and increases your sensitivity to insulin.
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According to some medical experts, CBD does prevent not only diabetes but also prevents its development. It was discovered that the rates of obesity and diabetes are significantly lower in cannabis users than those who do not use.


The dosage usually depends on the user. The best way to get the right dose for you is by having a baseline dosage and gradually increasing it until you find the perfect dosage for you. Since this compound is not FDA approved, there is no specific dosage that should be given to diabetes patients. It all depends on the tolerance of the user.

As you become a regular user, the dosage required may be slightly more. Everyone responds uniquely to CBD, and therefore there is no perfect dose for everyone. However, you can find the ideal dosage for through experimenting.