Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

Are you on a lookout for a sport that is both good for your health and fun? Table tennis may just be the right sport for you. Also known as ping-pong, table tennis has been played in the Olympics as a regular sport since 1988. It is an indoor sport involving two or four players. Using rackets, the players hit a lightweight ball across a table with a net at the center. Basically, it has similar principles with that of lawn tennis.

The advantage of ping-pong over other ball games is that you can play it inside your home. If you have a large empty room or your garage is a bit bigger in size, you can set your ping-pong table and call a friend who can play with you for one sweaty and fun-filled afternoon. It is also one of the more affordable sports to indulge with only a table, rackets, net, and a ping-pong ball needed. In the Pingthatpong table tennis blog, you can learn the many brands of table tennis equipment.

Indeed, playing ping-pong is not only a fun activity, but it can be aligned with your health goals. It is a great way to improve your overall wellness without having to leave your home.


Effective for Weight Loss

Playing table tennis is an excellent way to burn all those unwanted fats in your body. Ping-pong involves a lot of movement from running, walking, twisting, and various upper body and hand movements that will definitely make you sweat a lot. In a study, it showed that a 150 lbs. man can lose as much as 272 calories in one hour of playing ping-pong.

Enhances Eye-Hand Coordination

Because of the fast pace of the balls going from one side of the table to the other, concentration is needed. The game stimulates mental alertness and acuity. It also develops the natural reflexes in the body to be able to respond to the different scenarios during a game.

Promotes Lean Muscle Mass

Playing ping-pong on a regular basis will not only burn calories, but it can also help you build muscle strength and stamina. Muscles develop with exercise, and table tennis has all the properties that can help you generate lean muscles in your body.

Promotes Cognitive Functions

With its ability to improve mental acuity, table tennis is now included in treatment regimens of patients who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is because ping-pong can stimulate many portions of our brain.

What sets table tennis apart from other sports is its low rate of injury on players. It is a good exercise for the joints as well as for balance and posture too.