Facts to Know About CBD Dosage

CBD ProductsDetermining the right CBD dose to take can be a bit challenging because of the many variables that come into play. Many studies have been done regarding the dosages when it comes to medical usage since the use of the product used to be illegal for a long time. There are numerous benefits, which you can enjoy from using the product, irrespective of the dosage that you take. Some interesting facts to know about CBD dosage are highlighted below.

You Can Use the Trial And Error Method to Achieve the Right Dosage

Currently, the only way to determine the right dosage for any patient is by using the trial and error method. That is because there are no set guidelines for making the proper calculations for the correct dosages. The right dosages will also be different for each patient, which makes it impractical to make accurate calculations for everybody. Health experts recommend that you always start with a low dosage and adjust accordingly as opposed to starting with a high dose.

CBD Might Have Some Side Effects

Despite being derived from the same cannabis plant, CBD does not give a high, as other cannabis products do. That is because it does not contain THC, which is responsible for making one high. However, you can still experience some side effects after using CBD, if you take the wrong dosage. Whenever you experience any side effect, you should consider lowering the dosage or stop using the product until you consult with your caregiver. Some of the common side effects that you can expect are lethargy and fatigue. In rare cases, you can also experience diarrhea.

It Is Not Possible to Overdose on CBD

CBD is non-toxic, which makes it impossible to overdose on it. That is among the top reasons why it is preferred over many other types of medication, especially for pain relief. However, you should note that you can still experience some side effects if you take doses that are too high. The side effects are usually minor and can go away without any treatment.

It Is Possible to Develop Tolerance

When using the same dose for a long time, your body may develop tolerance. That means that you will experience reduced effects from taking the same dosage. A solution to help prevent developing tolerance is to discontinue use for up to 48 hours occasionally.