What Causes Bad Posture?

What Causes Bad Posture?

A good number of people today suffer from posture imbalance. The condition can result in soreness, muscle pain, spinal dysfunction, digestion issues, and even low self-esteem. By understanding what causes bad posture and working towards rectifying them, many of these diseases could be easily fixed.

Here are some common things that can cause poor posture:

1. Obesity

Obesity causes one to have additional weight on the abdominal area. When this happens, your lower back is then pulled forward by the weight of the stomach and, hence, causes bad posture.

2. Sitting Position

Many people tend to slouch while sitting down. It could be that you completely focused on a task at hand or you are just not aware of your posture. But doing this daily can have adverse effects, especially when it comes to your health. Remember that slouching is not your body’s natural position. So by doing that, you are stressing your body, and this causes pain in your neck, shoulder, and back.

3. Age

As people age, they begin to stoop lower and lower to the ground. Mostly, it’s because we are no longer as flexible and agile as we used to be. We tend to avoid a lot of movements and exercises as we think that they’ll cause pain or discomfort. However, it’s through exercising that our bodies get the strength to stand erect, therefore, denying them that, causes bad posture.

4. Injuries

When someone gets an injury, the muscles surrounding the injured area go into a spasm to protect the affected region. Muscle spasm help keep the injured area stable and shield it from further risks. The problem, however, is that if muscles stay in spasm for too long, they tend to weaken. And this can cause an imbalance between the muscles that guard the injury and those working normal. In the long run, this will lead to aberrations in your posture.

5. Fashion

Wearing very tight clothing, high heels, and carrying heavy bags can cause back pain. High heels tend to push your body mass center forward, thereby misaligning the hips and spine and this causes additional strain on the back, ankle, and knees. Carrying a heavy bag by one strap can cause weight to shift to one area leading to muscle spasms and low back pain.

6. Using Your Phone

Many people tend to tilt their heads down when they are using their phones. As a result, more stress is put on the spine, considering that smartphones are used for estimated 4-5 hours in a day.

Posture imbalance usually results from straining your spine. The good news is that this condition is manageable.

Since this guide has helped you to determine the underlying factors, correcting them can help you manage bad posture.