How to Treat Excessive Sweating

How to Treat Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as diaphoresis is a condition where an individual experiences abnormal secretion of sweat. Medical experts believe that external or internal factors do not cause this particular issue. Instead, it is caused by an underlying medical condition that might need special attention.

If you are experiencing this condition, then it will be a wise move that you seek medical attention. This is essential because some causes of excessive sweating can be life-threatening.

What Are the Causes of Diaphoresis?

Finding a solution to excessive sweating requires that you get to understand some of the causes of the condition. There is a range of causes, and some are highlighted in this post.


Many middle-aged women who experience excessive sweating do so as a result of menopause. Diaphoresis caused as a result of menopause occurs typically at night. During this period, the hormone estrogen is released in large quantity. The his hormone can send a signal to the brain, informing it that the body is overheating even when that is not correct. The result of this is that the brain will trigger sweating to cool the body.


Diabetes is another common cause of diaphoresis. It is one of the mechanisms used to indicate low blood sugar. If the cause of your profuse sweating is diabetes, then the best way to treat the situation is to get your blood sugar to the right level. It is always good to confirm with your medical expert. Diabetes can be managed if discovered at its early stage.


Many women experience diaphoresis when they are pregnant. So if you started experiencing excessive sweating after conceiving, there are high chances that that could be the cause. However, it is not a good idea to speculate. You should, therefore, seek medical attention and get the opinion of a medical expert.


Getting rid of diaphoresis depends on its cause. In many instances, treating the main cause of the condition will always cure the disease. If you do not know the exact cause, it will be a bit difficult for you to find a long-lasting solution for the problem.

When the cause of the condition is medical-related, the doctor can find different solutions. The right practice is to visit a qualified doctor rather than trying to cure the problem on your own. There are several proven solutions to the problem, and you should, therefore, not be afraid of the method that the doctor will adapt.